• Women's Fellowship

    Our mission is to raise an army of God-fearing women with strong hearts and minds in their stance for their creator. Our women get together regularly throughout the month for prayer, fellowship as well as hosting the annual SoCal Iranian Women's Fellowship Seminar.
  • Men's Fellowship

    We have a vision to empower every man with the skills and knowledge taught by God to become great leaders, champions, husbands, fathers and winners in Christ. Our men get together every month in a casual environment to spend some quality time together.
  • the Outlet

    Young adults from 18 - 29 years meet regularly throughout the month to enjoy fellowship in a casual atmosphere and discuss lively, relevant topics about the practical application of the Christian faith in today's real world. the Outlet also holds life groups where we dive deep into the Word of God for study and application.
  • DV8

    Mixing teens from 9 - 17 years old, mentoring and teach them the truth of the gospel and to know and love Christ in every part of their life, not simply for a few hours at church. DV8 get together for regular meets, movie nights, conventions, conferences and retreats throughout the year.
  • Godz Kidz

    Dedicated in bringing the youngest of our family members to faith. Working alongside parents, we have created an infant Sunday school, with kids from 2 - 8 years of age enjoy fun and quality-filled teaching programs including Bible story telling, games, activities and worship.
  • Creative Arts

    The Creative Arts department is a unique place for you to share your talents in music, acting and arts. Throughout the year, the CA team produces many plays, concerts and special events showcasing the gifts that God has given all of us and introducing a new way of seeing Christ.
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